Nice and really good work and lovely photo for Dennis n Anais wedding ceremony,u have bright future in this industries keep maintain good work,hard work,suddenly cross in my mind u are the one who gonna brake tradition as Malay wedding photography as long as u spend more time,money hardworking for marketing,for sure like KUDE maybe or maybe more then that who know?just pray and keep good work and b honest insyallah .like Dennis yap And KUDE among the top 30 Asia shooter,last time during chit chat with Dennis,he never expert to be choose for this ,but he got chance overthere coz he register for Asia WPA just for marketing , knowledge and information between photographer around Asia.u have good talent,creative and style..don,t about money just doit everything come letter…Lastly hope can see ur image in HIPLIST wedding magazine someday…the time will come to u just hustle to the flow…

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