You know, i get few wedding enquiries all the times. From all over the place. Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sydney and Queensland, Australia. But none of them ever happen. Plans changed. So i try not to put my hopes up. And i got no problem to photograph couple all around Malaysia, my own backyard. So, when i received the enquiries from Jeremy & Asyikin, they said they would have their solemnization in Kuala Lumpur and reception in the UK. I am all excited but still try  to react normally what i would do. Not to get my hopes up.

Until one day that Asyikin text me that they got my plane ticket booked! That time i went really excited.

I flew with my wife and my friend, Azlan (videographer), all the way to the UK to shoot this loving couple. They celebrated their renewal of vows in Walworth Castle. It was such a lovely day to document this lovely wedding.

Cant wait to photograph the next destination wedding 🙂



yes i would say you captured every moment except one english tradition – when the bride shows her Garter (something blue) !! marvellous video and stills ,well done. CLOUGHS the MASONS neighbours.

hai mrs clough.
thanks for the compliments. I do have that photographs but i thought its kinda inappropriate to publish in this blog. Didnt know that its a tradition!

very ice my dear.. <3 wish u all the best! happy married life!! 🙂

ini mmg superb gaya CF card full hahaha….bravo

Artistic sungguh

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