Back in 2007, i got my first film camera. It was lomo camera. Coloursplash. Then my friend lost it and she gave me Holga 120. Then i bought yashica MG-1 for RM10.  Kaput metering and cannot focus but that does not stop me of taking photograph using that camera.

Then i sold it all. Because i have no money during my study years because shooting in film is much more costly than shooting in digital.

I always love to shoot in film. Not only in terms of the colour and what not. The surprise is what i love. You never sure how good is the photo turn out.

So here are few rolls after i got Minolta high matic 9 rangefinder and Zenit.ET SLR last month. Shot with kodak ultramax+kodak ektar+ilford delta 400.




update1 update2 update3

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